Welcome to the Catablogue…

Calling all historians, genealogists, archivists and anyone with an interest in history or the preservation of historical records!

This is a space for us to share information about the wonderful archive collections held at West Yorkshire Archive Service and update you on our cataloguing progress.

The Archive Service holds and preserves historical records of all kinds dating from the twelfth century to the present day on behalf of the 5 West Yorkshire local authorities – that’s over 4200 cubic metres of archive collections!

So sorting and listing them all, as you can imagine, is a major task!

Luckily many of our collections have been listed in the past, however, these were not always catalogued in a user-friendly way, so making old catalogues easier to use is also part of our job. In the past, most archival catalogues were paper-based meaning they could only be viewed in person at at our archive offices. Therefore, staff are involved in “retroconvering” old catalogues onto our  cataloguing database CALM so that they can be viewed on our online catalogue.

Hopefully the Catablogue will provide an insight into our collections work; what we do and how we do it…

Initially posts will be mainly by the WYAS Collections Team i.e. Kirsty, Jenny and Helen and our Collections Manager Alexandra, but in the future you can expect posts from all our staff about the interesting collections-based activities they are involved in.


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