Collections Week, November 2009

At the beginning of this month, all of the West Yorkshire Archive Service public service points closed for ‘Collections Week’.  You may have wondered what collections week involves.  We hold two collections weeks each year (usually in February and November) so that we can work on local authority collections in our care.  These are very large collections, and are often not stored on the same site as the public service points.  Working on these collections is a time and space consuming task, and collections weeks therefore offer an opportunity for all our staff to work together in small teams to process these important records. 

This year in November we have:

In Bradford –

  • Sorted and documented a recently received collection of Bradford schools records.
  • Sorted, appraised and ‘box listed’ (a summary list) material relating to the townships in the Bradford area, including Baildon (our catalogue reference: BMT/BA), Clayton (BBT12), Thornton (BBT10), Tong (BBT11), Ilkley (BMT/IL) and Shipley (BMT/SH), which had been stored by the Town Clerk’s department of Bradford Corporation.  These records have now been reunited with other archives received direct from the various creating authorities.
  • Converted into electronic format the extensive catalogue for the archives relating to Cartwright Hall Art Gallery and Museum, Bradford (68D88).

In Calderdale –

  • Catalogued a series of files inherited by the new Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council in 1974 relating to Halifax Borough, (CMB/D1). 
  • Fully catalogued the records for Northowram Urban District Council (CMT15) and Warley Urban District Council (CMT24).
  • Added new catalogue information for Halifax Borough Town Clerk’s Department, the series of Council minutes, and further details on building control plans for Halifax and Hebden Bridge.
  • In total, over 3000 new catalogue entries for Calderdale authorities are now available on our electronic catalogue.

In Kirklees –

  • Sorted, repackaged, labelled and catalogued 196 bundles of plans drawn by the Architects department of Huddersfield County Borough Council. 

In Leeds –

This November in Leeds, we took the opportunity to push forward with the locations project, which is due for completion in December 2009.  The enormous task of typing up all the shelf survey data into Excel is now almost complete, ready for import into our catalogue database.  All the shelves at the main Leeds outstore were labelled up with barcodes, and final data checks begun.  Several new accessions of recently arrived material were also processed during collections week.

In Wakefield –

  • Fully catalogued all the records for the Wakefield Rural District Council (WMT/WA).   This has added over 400 new entries to our catalogue database and is now fully listed – and searchable – for the first time. 
  • Fully catalogued the committee minutes for the Normanton Urban District Council (ref WMT/NO).
  • Completed the first stage of cataloguing for the first section of records for Wakefield Metropolitan District Council (ref WM).   This includes new box lists for the Architects and Recreation and Arts departments; as well as completion of box lists for the Housing and Environmental Services departments. Full descriptions for the Council minute books have also been placed onto our electronic catalogue.

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