Say it with archives this Valentine’s Day

West Yorkshire Archive Service Valentine’s Day display looks at a selection of some of the more romantic records it holds!

St Valentine’s Day has become known to many as a day of romance, mystery admirers and excessive amounts of chocolate and champagne . .. .for some however it is known as a day of forgetful partners and last minute flowers grabbed from a garage forecourt! It seems that throughout the years, nothing has really changed!

The display can be viewed at all 5 of our offices until 18th February and looks at Valentine’s cards, love letters and Valentine’s marriages as well as unrequited and unwanted declarations of love!

For example there is a letter [Collection ref: RMP:748] from William Watson to Betsy Taylor where Wiliam declares he is ‘hoping to warm that cold distant heart of yours’.

‘Come bring to me that hand, that heart; to press in mine, nor beat apart’, an extract from a poem written by the Reverend Edward Ramsden of Ovenden to Margaret Wray, c1829 in his attempts to win her heart after he failed with another girl in a previous attempt! [Collection ref:RMP:175].

Valentine Card from T Patchett to his future wife

Thomas Patchett wooed his future wife [also a Patchett, no relation though] with letters and a handcrafted Valentine Card containing a poem which begins ‘Bitter, feverish longing, tumult and unrest; Pangs of burning anguish; reigned within my breast’ [Collection ref:WYC:1149/13].

WYAS collects a diverse range of records created by a variety of individuals, groups or businesses. If you would like to discuss the possibility of depositing records or would like to give feedback on the types of records that you would like to see, please contact the Collections Team.


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