International Women’s Day 8th March 2011

West Yorkshire Archive Service celebrates International Women’s Day 2011 by looking at the political, social and economic achievements of some of the incredible and pioneering women of our districts.

Miriam Lord OBE began her career as an educationalist and community worker in Bradford, she understood that to challenge child poverty the issue of adult poverty had to be addressed. She became Superintendant of the groundbreaking Lilycroft Open-air Nursery in Bradford where people for all over the world came to hear this incredible woman talk.

Collection ref:KC759. Held at our Kirklees office.

WC Holmes and Co, engineers and gas contractors, Huddersfield, showing the contribution to the war effort by women employed at the factory.

Elizabeth Wilson, a charity campaigner from Huddersfield was one of the founders of the Huddersfield and District Famine Relief Committee. A pacifist and campaigner for most of her life, Elizabeth went to prison for 10 days rather than paying a fine for taking part in an anti-Polaris demonstration at the Holy Loch base in Scotland.

Florence White of Bradford campaigned for unmarried women to have pensions, her campaign became the forerunner of the National Spinster’s Pension Association and secured pensions for women over 60 in 1941.

Our display highlights some of the fascinating lives of everyday women and the difference they made in their time and in ours.  There are many other incredible stories of the women in our local history and staff at our offices would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The display will be on show in each of our five district offices and will also be available to view at the Mannigham Mills event on 8th March.

WYAS collects a diverse range of records created by a variety of individuals, groups or businesses. If you would like to discuss the possibility of depositing records or would like to give feedback on the types of records that you would like to see, please contact the Collections Team.


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