Getting a Real Taste for History in the Archives!

West Yorkshire Archive Service invites you to come along and Taste History!

We are constantly looking to make our collections better known and used, and our theme for September is Recipes Across the Years. We will look at some of the recipes that we hold in our collections ranging from incredible food recipes to weird and wonderful household cures. Recipes range from the 17th century to the improvised wonders of the war years!

Pidgion Pye, collection ref: C1253 held at our Wakefield office

 To celebrate this we will be holding a feast of events in September!

  •  Every family has a [not-so] secret recipe handed down through the generations and this is a fantastic opportunity to capture these recipes for future generations to treasure!
  •  We are asking members of the public to send us in their ‘Family Heirloom’ recipes during September.  From these we will select a top ten list of winners which will be published on our tumblr site and also on our fantastic blog! We have small prizes for the winners too!
  • All recipes sent into the offices, via our website and collected at the Recipes Across the Years event will be bound by our Conservation Team into a book to be accessioned at our Wakefield office as an archive of local people’s recipes.

If you would like to help make history and have the chance to get your heirloom recipe into the archive, join in and send us your recipe.

  • The week beginning Monday 12th September sees each of our district offices offering free cake and biscuit samples to our readers made from recipes of the 1940s era.
  • On Friday 16th September we will be holding our Recipes Across the Years  event at Wakefield Market’s Demonstration Station in the food hall.
  • This free event will run from 8.30am – 5pm and will include talks from WYAS staff on the workhouse and prison diets, the baking of biscuits and cakes from early – mid 20th century  recipes, a kids corner where children can ice buns made from the recipes, as well as a talk from WYAS Conservation Team on how they made iron gall ink from an old recipe, and how they have conserved an 18th century recipe book.

So come along! Leave us your recipes and help to make a taste of history!

Remedy for Hogs, collection ref: JOW/14/10 held at our Bradford office

 WYAS aims to bring awareness of archives and their unique nature to new audiences, if you would like further information on the September events or if you would like to discuss the possibility of depositing records, please contact the Collections Team


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