Your Leeds ‘Treasure of the Archives’ is… Tetley’s Brewery!

Voting closed at 5pm on Friday 17th February, the votes have been counted and verified, and we can reveal the winner from the Leeds district office is the Tetley’s Brewery.

The voting results were as follows:

Tetley’s Brewery – 33.5%

AW Hainsworth and Sons Ltd – 32.23%

Burton Group Ltd – 19.69%

Yorkshire County Cricket Club – 7.42%

Leeds Pious Uses Committee– 7.16%


Tetley’s Brewery (WYL756)


Winning by just a few votes, the Tetley’s Brewery collection is the perfect way to preserve it’s memory for future generations. It all started in 1822 when Joshua Tetleytook over William Sykes’ brewery in Salem Place with the idea to brew his own beer as well as selling malt. Ahead of his time he was met with resistance trying to change tradition, but he soon established the brewery, after WW1 bottled beer was also sold in great quantities, and by1950Tetley’s owned more than 400 licensed houses.

The full Tetley’s collection has the vast business records of the brewery, including mechanics’ notebooks relating to the brewing process, day books, experiment books, ‘Brewed and to Brew’ books, as well as staff records. Call the Leeds Office on 0113 214 5814 to find out all about the brewery that was the pride of Yorkshire.

Do you think the best Treasure won? Leave us your thoughts on the results.


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