Achieving Great Things! The Archive Service Collections Week March 2013

11-15 March saw much activity in all of our offices!

For two weeks a year, WYAS closes to the public in order to focus on working on our local authority and other collections – collecting, sorting and listing them and finally putting them on-line so that everyone can remotely access our lists!  CalmView (our public database currently has 543,734 entries relating to the collections we hold –

In Wakefield, where we are currently undertaking a major survey of all the holdings in preparation for stage 2 of the WYAS Lottery Bid for a state-of-the-art new facility, teams of staff worked on re-boxing over 44,000 mental health files. This involved the delivery of 1o00 empty archival boxes, most of which were delivered during a snowstorm!


The contents of two rooms were also barcoded (1952 boxes, outsize items and volumes).  The success of barcoding with the recent Leeds Archives move from Sheepscar to Morley means that Wakefield are following the same plan.  By the end of the week staff were exhausted and truly battered by the good old British weather!

At Calderdale Archives staff began barcoding boxes in preparation for moving to new premises in 2015.  An amazing 10,338 containers were barcoded and by the end of the week, statistics for the total number of boxes of each size held and a sample of box weights were gathered which will be used to design the new storage facilities and provide the Architects the information they need for the proposed new library and archive building.

In the Bradford, Kirklees and Leeds Offices, there was significant progress with local authority collections.  In Bradford, the cataloguing of private street works boxes relating to Bradford, Baildon, Bingley and Shipley was done and a large collection of Bradford Corporation drainage agreements dating to the 1930s was also collected.

In Kirklees, staff sorted the Kirklees Council Building Control Plan fiche into fiche cabinets.  In the Leeds Office, 1087 new entries were added to the database following work on LC/PARKS, the LC/POLICE collection was renumbered in line with the new council structure (now LLD7) and 488 new catalogue entries for LC/HEALTH were added into CALM.  The results of all this is that some really great records are now searchable online including some notification of birth registers and zymotic disease registers. Board of Guardians’ records were repackaged and listing was done of some of the main series of letter books in the collection. There are now over 1400 records in CALM for a collection which previously didn’t even have a collection level description in there.  Finally work was started on preparing wills for digitisation.  About 400 probate bundles were prepared for the Ancestry team to start flattening.

Tired but happy with our achievements, staff are now back to usual service!


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