In a jam with your genealogy? Why not ask us to help!

Our team of experts are on hand to help you solve your family history mysteries through the fantastic collections we have on offer at West Yorkshire Archive Service.

From birth records to coroner’s inquests, if it happened in West Yorkshire, our super sleuths will do their best to get to the bottom of it!

Prices start as low as £12 for 30 minutes of expert research, and our new Express Service can guarantee results delivered to you within five working days.


Are the answers to your history mysteries in here?

The Ask the Experts service has an amazing success rate, with satisfied customers including the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? – Jennie, our Research Consultant, even appearing on screen during an episode devoted to actor Sir Patrick Stewart.

Amongst many other cases, Ask the Experts has helped with:

  • A business who had found that their access route had been blocked. Using the records of the West Riding Registry of Deeds we were able to prove their right of access to their property.
  • An enquirer who needed to prove their right of title to a Manorial Lordship. Using our Express Service, we were able to supply evidence which may go towards proving their title in less than five days.
  • An enquirer who contacted us hoping to find out more about their recent family. Using a combination of online records and archives held across all of our sites we were able to find their real grandparent  -something they had searched for in vain for many years.

Applying for Ask the Experts couldn’t be easier – simply pick up an application form at any of our offices, or buy your research online via


Our Experts at work!

Once your research has been completed, you’ll be sent a typed report from our team outlining what they have found and any other ideas for further avenues to explore. If possible, you will also received up to three free copies of material found.

If you’d like to give a loved one a present of the past, we also sell Ask the Experts gift vouchers. You’ll be able to give them a voucher and welcome pack with details of our service, and one year in which to redeem the voucher and get expert help with their research.

So, why not order your expert help today? You never know what we might find….


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