Want to know what a Leeds Pal was doing 100 years ago today? Take a look at John Yeadon’s Twitter feed @JohnYeadon_WW1 and see what was going on in the Summer of 1917.   John’s three diaries covering 1916-1919 are a fantastic record of his experience of war and although his entries are brief they give an insight into his life over those years.  Laura Green, one of our 2016/17 MA students on the HIST5020M course at Leeds University has created a Twitter account to trace his movements and to promote this wonderful collection.

John Yeadon was born in 1898 in Guiseley and was educated at the Salts School in Shipley from 1902-1908. In 1910-1912 he was at St. John’s College in York and during that time he played cricket for Guiseley Cricket Club. On leaving college he joined the Bowling Old Lane eleven, a club which won the Yorkshire Council Championship in 1913 and 1914.

John Yeadon joined the Leeds Pals in September 1914 and went on foreign service in Egypt and France until March 1919. On return home he joined Guiseley club again where he stayed until he was appointed headmaster of the Horsforth Wood-Side School in 1925. From our research, we know that John Yeadon had many siblings, and it seems that during his time in France, he wrote to them and his father often.

His diaries cover four years of travelling but having being injured fairly early in the war; many of his later entries refer to cricket matches with officers and life behind the lines. From our research, we have found that Yeadon spent the later years of his service in Arques and St. Omer, France where he joined the Royal Medical Army Corps.

To find out more, please get in touch with the Leeds office and ask to see the John Yeadon collection, reference WYL2443.


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