Conservation of the Saltaire Plan

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This plan of Saltaire (reference BMT/SH/1/186) is held by the West Yorkshire Archive Service Bradford. It is on display at the Wellcome Collection in London as part of the ‘Living with Buildings’ exhibition which explores the impact the built environment can have on our health and wellbeing.

Saltaire was built by Sir Titus Salt between 1850 and 1876. Salt sought space outside the congested town centres to build a large, technologically advanced mill and settlement which would lead to healthier (and more productive) workers. The result was Saltaire, considered one of the most complete model towns in the country. The design of the town ultimately influenced modern town planning and in recognition of its important role, Saltaire was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2001.

The plan shows Lockwood and Mawson’s designs for Saltaire including the substantial mill, workers’ housing, school, almshouses and other community facilities provided by Sir Titus Salt when he built the town.

With support from the Wellcome, the plan has been expertly conserved by our conservation team to return it to its former glory and allow it to go on display in London.

To learn more about the records WYAS holds for Saltaire, or other collections in our email us at or see our website

For further information about The Wellcome Collection and the ‘Living with Buildings’ exhibition see


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