Catalogue of goods in the pleasure garden, 1768

This list shows contents of a number of the follies the Aislabie family built around their gardens. Venus’s Temple, the Pavilion, Temple of Piety and the Octagon Tower are all mentioned along with clues about how they must have looked.

It is thought that the now vanished Temple of Venus was built around 1724-1728 in a classical style, a cylindrical building with a domed roof. This document shows that the Temple of Venus still existed in September 1768. After the temple was demolished it is thought to have been replaced briefly by a tent which is depicted in a painting dated 1770.

Reference: WYL150/5975

A Catalogue of the goods deliver[e]d

By Jn Nicholson 3 Sep[tember] 1768

To Rob[er]t Doe

Venus’s Temple Little Kitchen

20 Stalk Glasses, great and small in

the Corner Cubbart

4 Decanters

6 Water Glasses

A Doz[e]n of Cheinea Cups and Saucers

A Large Tea Pott

A Slop bason and Sugar ditto

A Handle Cofffe Cup

4 Cheinea Plates

3 Mahogany Waters

A large sq[ua]r[e] Oak Table Leafe

nd Frame

2 Angle dittos, a large carpet

A sweeping Brush

2 showering dittos, and an old Hand ditto

In the Drawing Room

A Couch containing 2 Mattress-


3 Pillars and a Bolster w[it]h Curtains

and of yellow silk Dammask

4 Stooles, 2 Chairs

A Black Marble Table

A Bass Matt.

In the Great Room

8 Mahogany Arm[e]d Chairs

4 Velvet stooles and 2 d[itt]o Elbow

Chairs with Covers

2 Mahogany Tables, a Round

ditto with 4 drawers.

A stove grate w[it]h a Fire Shovel

A pair of Tongs and poker

2 Bass matts

In the Back Kitchen

A Feather Bed and bed stead

A Bolster, a Double Blankett

A Single d[itt]o a Coverlet

A paire of sheets

A white Table and a furm[?]

A Press.  A Chair.

Wattle Hall

2 Tables

2 Long Chists

2 Chairs, 2 old gard[e]n seats

A Gunn

A pair of Bellows.  3 Watering


5 paire of Garden Sheers

2 parie of Broken Ones

A Brag Gavelock, a Lanthron

A fishing rood

A Turnup Bed w[it] a Feather bed

A pillar and a Bolster

3 Blankets, a Quilt and

2 paire of sheets, a white peal

Table and a Tent stoole

A Corner Cubbart in the stair case

A Corded Bed stead above staires

In the Pavilion

8 Cheineas Arm[e]d Chairs

A mahogany Table

2 Chairs in the Harbour

6 Ditto in the Temple of Piety

A Tea Table and a little stand

2 long sluce gavelocks and

2 Storter

6 Arm[e]d Walnut Chairs in the Octegon Tower.

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