LGI Pharmacopoeia: ‘Hardly necessary to retain this’?

  Despite the firm edict of the title page we have, in fact, removed this book from the infirmary. It is now instead ‘not allowed to be taken out’ of the Leeds Archive where it is kept cool, dry and acid free along with the rest of the Leeds General Infirmary collection. Having never before come … Continue reading LGI Pharmacopoeia: ‘Hardly necessary to retain this’?


The Makofski Collection

by Danielle Triggs, Archive Assistant One of my recent projects at the West Yorkshire Archive Service has involved taking a deeper look at our Makofski collection. This collection centres on the work of David Makofski, who was Chairman of the Leeds Jewish Refugees Committee and organised the Trainee Scheme. The Trainee Scheme was set up … Continue reading The Makofski Collection