Inventory of goods in Fountains Abbey at the time of the dissolution, 1540

This roll is an inventory of all of the goods found in the Monastery of Fountains at the time of the dissolution. It includes plate, vestments, furniture, livestock and crops and a piece of St Anne’s scalp set in a piece of silver.

Some of the image above reads as follows:

1 Myter havying the egges (edges) of silver & gilt &
sett with rownde peces of silver white like peirles &
flowers of silver & gilt in the mydward….
1 Manse with a Ribbe of Synt Laurent of silver & gilt
£9. 10s. 8d
1 Gutter Manse for Corpus Christi day silver and gilt
£22. 19s. 8d
1 Holywater satt with a strynkyll of silver ungilt
£8. 7s. 10d
1 Myter of silver & gilt and sett with peirle & stone
£15. 3s. 4d
1 Ryng & a Buckkell silver & gilt sett with perles &
17s. 4d
1 Ymage of Saynt James of silver & gilt
£13. 17s. 4d

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